Wikis can be a very powerful learning tool when employed in the online classroom.

What is a wiki? “A wiki is a website that lets any visitor become a participant,” (Teachers First, 2015). Basically, a wiki allows all users to be authors, editors, and readers. The most famous example of a wiki is Wikipedia, but this in only one example.

They are very similar to blogs in that they can be used to promote student interaction with the course material, interaction between students, and interaction between students and the instructor.

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Where wikis add to blogs is in the area of collaboration.

email v blog

As you see in the above infographic, collaboration through wiki is very streamlined when compared to email. This is also true for wiki versus blogs.

Blog Collaboration

As you can see collaboration with a blog is much easier than through email, but it is still much more complicated than with a wiki.

According to Lo (2015), wikis can be used in education to expand student knowledge in a field, build research skills, develop critical thinking skills, create learning communities, and work collaboratively with one another.

Some possible uses for wikis in a classroom environment include: posting and answering frequently asked questions, establishing a knowledge base, developing standards, and providing technical help (Malamed, 2015).

Getting started with wikis can be fairly easy. There are numerous websites that incorporate what you see is what you get (WYSIWYG) wiki development platforms. Some learning management systems also incorporate wiki technology.

Wikis also allow for the incorporation of video and imagery to augment the text.

The advantage of collaboration makes the wiki ideal for group work and other activities where shared knowledge is essential.

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